Remote control


With TeamViewer, we can remotely control your proPST and wilDAT software over the Internet.
Please note that we only work with TeamViewer 12!

Check if your PC has Internet access or make it.

Contact wilhelm support for your support.

By clicking on the blue button Remote Maintenance, start the download of the TeamViewer QuickSupport (approx.12MB)
and select the "Run" function (2 times).

To download QuickSupport, please click here:


Now wait a short time for the Display to be displayed in the TeamViewer QuickSupport window:


Now let us know your displayed identity (your ID) and password by phone. We connect your PC to ourPC.


Once connected, our support team can remotely control your proPST and wilDAT software. At the same time, you will receive further explanations on the phone, so that you are always up to date on the individual steps. Of course, you can continue to track the operation on your system and have any possibility of intervention at any time. Your proPST and wilDAT software can now be operated by you and our support. When you close the TeamViewer QuickSupport window, you immediately dis
connect from your PC.

Service phone outside office hours:

+49 (0)151 / 2230-6333