Servo motor-controlled linear units with integrated sensors

available in over 100 variants

Modular construction system offers a variety of special designs

Special motors according to your specifications can also be integrated


  • High-precision force measurement thanks to integrated, running DMS
  • Force transducers
  • Highest positioning accuracy
  • Precise storage and spindle drive
  • Fast speeds and long lifting distances
  • Low energy and maintenance costs
  • Transparent, service-friendly technology
  • Continuous lubrication
  • Compact and closed design
  • Linearly guided and twist-resistant stand-up tube
  • Engine holding brake as standard
  • Electronic amplifier assembly integrated
  • Optional: external measuring sensors can be integrated

Technical data

Control and monitoring of press-in and joining processes

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splay16 inputs/ 16 outputs (24
V-I/O)MMI functions for text and data output via Displa
yOptional: Profibus/Profinet/Ethernet


  • Control of the AC servo inverter for controlling the press spindle
  • Easy programming via built-in display or alternatively via PC with the software package proPST
  • PC connection for continuous data storage
  • Communication via RS-232 interface
  • Compact design in aluminium housing
  • Built-in amplifiers / input stages for force and path detection
  • Digital 24V I/O interface for PLC connection with 16 inputs and 16 outputs
  • Flexible use with storage for up to 128 products (process and evaluation)
  • Pluggable peripheral connections
  • Integrated test and diagnostic functions for all assemblies and interfaces
  • Data storage and documentation of the measurement curves on PC possible
  • Storage of max. 10 measuring curves in the PCU2020

Control, monitoring and evaluation

The most important task of press control is the complete control, monitoring and evaluation of a press-in and joining process and the monitoring of the force/path path to the IO/NIO statement.

The force/path curve is assessed with any number of rel./abs. Valuation windows and valuation lines that must pass in a specific order.The visualisation of the force/path course and programming of all settings is carried out via the graphics-capable LCD display. Alternatively, the complete device operation can be done via the PC with the proPST software.

In addition, the press control can take over freely programmable control and monitoring functions to control complete system parts.

Measurement and evaluation

The PCU 2020 press controller performs an evaluation of the force curve with the freely programmable evaluation components (windows and lines rel. / abs.). These must be passed through in the given order, taking into account the direction of entry/exit. 

Any characteristic data can be extracted from the measurement curve and transmitted to the PC. The PC software wilDAT is used for this purpose.

Quality monitoring and process control

A wide range of press-in and joining processes in industrial production and assembly must be monitored for compliance with predetermined parameters for quality assurance. With the PCU 2020 press control, a universal control and measurement system is available to the user, which enables convenient control, complete monitoring, evaluation and documentation of press-in and joining processes.

The PCU 2020 enables integrated quality and process control during the production step and thus reduces rework and scrap parts.

A storage of max. 10 measuring curves is possible in the PCU and the new MMI functions allow any text and data values to be displayed on the display.

Servo inverter ARS 2000 series

The ARS servo inverters are specially configured for the operation of wilhelm servo presses.


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Technical data

You can also rent our presses!

You need a press system, but do not know whether the need is permanent and amortizes an investment for it?
In this case, you can also rent our systems at favourable conditions. 

Available variants:

Manual workstation 5kN, 10kN, 20kN, 50kN, 100kN



  • Rental requirement: Training (1AT)
  • Minimum rental period: 2 months
  • No determination of the rental period in advance necessary
  • Payments at the beginning of the rental month
  • Almost complete reimbursement (minus 1 month rate for processing) when taking over or purchasing a press system within 12 months
  • Training, factory calibration, transport costs and any required customer-specific parts are calculated separately
  • The workstations can be customized on request
  • Tools and adaptations can also be designed and manufactured
  • The workstations are fully operational, serviced and calibrated